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Since first opening in the Alpharetta community in 1994, Gymnastics World of Georgia has served as North Atlanta's center for competitive gymnastics and performing arts training. Our championship coaching staff and award-winning programs have notably impacted gymnastics circuits in the Southeast United States, Europe and around the world. Our advanced teams have a proud championship legacy and a reputation for professionalism and community leadership, including ongoing support of the Georgia Special Olympics.


Owners Pam and Gary Stedman along with long time director Suzy Lummus are dedicated to teaching athletic fundamentals as a means to achieving the potential of each child on the gymnastics floor as well as in life. Strength, proper technique and discipline are crucial to success and safety for both gymnasts and dancers. The GWG staff shares a deep appreciation for the hard work of each child and the commitment of our parents to the success of our award-winning gym. We understand how challenging it is for families to find time to exercise and develop a healthy lifestyle, particularly when school boards have minimized recess and introduced junk food into the lunchroom. We feel a sense of victory knowing that time spent training at Gymnastics World of Georgia is time not spent sitting idle in front of the television. Our program provides excellent after school activities that not only have incredible physical benefits but also build confidence, self-reliance and promote healthy social development–equally as important. Consider the following warning signs:















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