Bombay Jam


Powered by the explosively fun, globally appealing Bollywood culture, Bombay Jam® is the ultimate dance fitness total body workout that is effective, safe, easy to follow and packed with authentic Bollywood flavor!

The program has a serious focus on integrating fun & fitness! Bombay Jam®  incorporates cardio and toning routines into one action-packed total body workout, and routines are set to custom music mixes created by Bombay’s hottest DJs. The music is a blend of Bollywood and mainstream Top 40 tracks, resulting in one-of-a-kind mixes that are refreshing, energizing and universally appealing. The cardio routines incorporate basic, easy to follow dance fitness moves full of Bollywood flair, and the toning segment focuses on sculpting long, lean muscles. In just an hour-long class, you can burn up to a whopping 800 calories!

Teaching Experience:  A trained Bharatanatyam dancer, performed for numerous dance shows. Choreographed many local desi shows.  Teaching Bollywood Dance classes since 2015. Bombay Jam® is my first venture into the fitness arena and I’m super excited!

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is about getting away from the daily hustle of life and doing something good for yourself. It should be challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Fitness is more than looking good. It’s feeling good on both the inside and outside. Be active. Be fit!

About: I heard about Bombay Jam through a friend. Bombay Jam workouts are power packed with a perfect mix of Cardio and Toning routines. I love dancing and a great believer of  “Dance like no one is Watching!” My class will be one big Dance Party, Bombay Jam is clearly not an ordinary type of workout. Bombay Jam is for Everyone. This Dance fitness workout will help you Discover your Own Strengths, Boosts your Confidence, You don’t realize you are Working Out and It’s a Great Stress Reliever! Versatile and just plain fun, there are so many reasons to join the Bombay Jam party. Try my class to Dance Yourself Into Shape