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February Team Gymnasts Of The Month

By Staff, 03/01/18, 1:45PM EST


Watts W. USA Level 8-10

Watts was chosen as gymnast of the month because of her consistent work ethic throughout the season. Watts has shown consistent growth and her scores have improved every meet. Watts has also grown to be a great team leader. -Coach Briaunna and Coach DeAvera


Esha P. USA Level 6/7B

Esha is a hard-working kid who doesn't look for a lot of praise. She comes in and does what she does without a lot of attention seeking but is genuinely happy when she receives a compliment. Her whole face lights up, and it always makes me smile. She is very easy to coach and like. Esha has been at our gym for a long time, and I've enjoyed watching her grow up. I know her former coaches would be proud of all she's accomplished. One of my most exciting moments from last year was when she made her first giant by herself. She reminds me a lot of myself in certain ways. She's got a bright future ahead of her with hoping to go to GA Tech, and she balances a difficult school schedule with her extracurricular activities with ease. She's very driven. She's quietly put in a lot of work, and it shows. I'm so proud of the gymnast and person this kid is. -Coach Michelle


Lilly M. USA Level 3

She's my little Baby Boss. One day, she's going to run whatever she wants... Marathons, businesses, the schools PTA... Whatever she wants. Smart, smart girl. She'll figure it out and see it through. When it comes to gymnastics, she's very physically cautious. She makes me think outside the box to figure out the best way to coach her. She has recently really started to push herself, and I think she's learning how to motivate herself. With young kids, that can be a tough thing to figure out. Lily has, and is, working through some fear issues, and I've gotten to watch her take her success into her own hands recently. Skills she would never have tried alone before, I've seen her try without even asking for a spot on the first one! That's exciting for me to watch. I love watching her step outside her comfort zone on her own and take ownership of her skills! Good job, bud! -Coach Michelle


Valentina P. USA Xcel Gold

She is working hard during conditioning and during events. Val is also becoming a great leader for the team. She is leading stretch and conditioning a lot during most practices and she does that well. She always has a great attitude. -Coach Hayley and Coach Oksana


Taylor S. AAU Bronze

She has continued to come to practice and working very hard and not giving up after being sick for almost a month and her grandmother being sick. Taylor is always a hard worker, but she has really impressed me by coming back in the gym and giving it her all! -Coach Melissa


Megan R. Gym Stars 1

She’s made such a big improvement, works very hard, she always has a great attitude and she always has a smile on her face. -Coach Hayley and Coach Natalya


Mansha G. Developmental

She listens attentively to the assignment and works hard. She does not miss any practices and is always there on time. -Coach Nataliya


Abbey B. Pre-Team

She is responsible at practice and always tries to do the assignments correctly and accurately. She loves gymnastics and shows respect for her coach and teammates. -Coach Nataliya