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March Team Gymnasts Of The Month

By staff, 04/03/18, 1:45PM EDT


Samantha X. from Pre-Developmental

Samantha always comes to practice with a smile on her face, ready to work hard.  When she learns a new skill, it is because she has tried her hardest to do her best.  Samantha is also a good friend to her teammates ~ always willing to help others. –Coach Kim


Victoria C. from AAU Xcel

She came in new and in the middle of the season and has been a great team mate/ Leader and a strong gymnast on the team. We all love Victoria on the team and are so happy she is with us at Gymnastics World of GA. Victoria is a strong and powerful gymnast not just on events but also with her teammates and her work effort. Great job Victoria, keep up the great work. –Coach Melissa


Annie C. from Developmental

Annie is responsible and performs all tasks. She comes to practice with good mood, always cheerful and positive. Shows respect for the coach and all team members. –Coach Nataliya


Sanai C. from Pre-Team

She is friendly and cheerful. She tries to attend every practice. She is very hard working at practice to achieve her goals. –Coach Nataliya


Julie K. from Gym Stars

Julie has progressed so much over the last few weeks. She has gained so many new skills and is still working hard to get more.  Julie is always so excited to come to the gym and start practice. She has a great attitude and really wants to learn and improve on all events! She has put her fears and doubts to the side and competed her new skills at our last meet. Her hard work really showed off as she received 1st place on several events. I’m so proud to coach Julie, congrats on gymnast of the month! –Coach Natalya and Coach Hayley


Olivia H. from USA Xcel

Looking at her strength and her skills, she has made the biggest improvements. She has come a very long way with her gymnastics. She is always positive and respectful and she is a great friend for everyone on the team.–Coach Hayley and Coach Oksana


Ava Claire A. from USA Level 5

Ava Claire has worked so hard since she got into my group in June. She's progressed consistently from a level 3 through level 4 and 5, and is now working her 6/7 skills. She puts a lot of time and effort into her gymnastics and it shows, She's worked through mental blocks and I've seen her really push herself to overcome them and progress past them. She's always open to trying new things and loves conditioning. She understands how conditioning really helps her gymnastics and doesn't like missing conditioning days, even when she knows it'll be hard. I really enjoy working with her, and we work really well together. I look forward to seeing her go far in this sport :) –Coach Michelle


Emma Claire F. from USA Level 6/7 B

Emma Claire has had a tough year. Due to a back injury we've had to switch some stuff up in her routines, and it hasn't been as easy as it was for her. Then, due to that injury she started tightening up in her shoulders which caused her to struggle on other events. She's had a trying season, but she's been resilient and she did qualify to regionals! I've watched her grow up from a tiny kid to an almost grown teenager who drives. And has the best awkward dance moves at any given time (haha!)  Emma Claire and I work very well together. We're a pretty good match, and she's taught me that coaching older kids is very different than the younger ones. It's way more of a partnership especially because, for the most part, she knows what she needs to do and not do. I coach the skills, but guide the rest. She's overcome a lot this season and I couldn't be more proud of her.  –Coach Michelle


Mackenzie Osborne from USA Level 7

This month was dedicated to self-talk. What you think of yourself ultimately becomes your words and your actions. Mackenzie took every affirmation and implemented into being the best gymnast she could be. She came in early each day and focused on the things she struggled with the most. It was a pleasure coaching her and watching her grow through the process. Congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishing your goal of being a Georgia State Team representative. You deserve it! –Coach Briaunna and Coach Dee