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April Team Gymnasts Of The Month

By Staff, 05/08/18, 2:30PM EDT



Charlotte Ferdon USA Xcel-

Charlotte is one of the hardest workers. She is very quick to help other. She  is great at taking corrections and she truly wants to understand each correction on a deeper level. She always shows a curiosity and interest in learning further.

Madeline Cedrone Predevelopmental-

Madeline comes to practice with a smile on her face each day.  She works very hard to make corrections, and tries her best all of the time.  Madeline has improved greatly in her flexibility and her strength this year, because she never gives up!  She is also a good team member ~ willing to help with equipment and reminding her teammates what to do if they forget.

Paulina Adams Developmental-

She is one of the most diligent and hard-working girls. She is always polite and very respectful to her coach and teammates.

Lucia Moral Pre-Team-

She is cheerful and positive. She works hard at each practice. Always attentively listens to the task and tries to do the exercise correctly.

Sara Gagguturu Gym Stars-

This whole season she has shown great improvement. She always comes to practice with a smile on her face and has a good attitude no matter what we do. In practice she tries very hard and in meets she does her absolute best.

Leandra Hauck USA Level 6/7B-

One my consistently hardest workers. She is so impressive to me. She's been here for less than a year from Germany, and speaks English far better than a lot of people I've known who have been here for 10 years from another country. She's been a great example to a lot of her teammates. She's never afraid to try something, and is always greatful for the opportunity to learn. She wants to stay busy and work, and is always looking for more to do or try. She always works to make corrections and really hear what you're saying to her. It's been such a joy to have her on my team, and I'm going to miss her dearly!

Anya Jeannot USA Level 3-

Anya is such a hard worker. She comes in and meets, then exceeds, expectation just about every single practice. She understands hard work, and doesn't mind putting the effort in every time she walks through the door. I don't see this work ethic in kids this age a lot. I enjoy working with her and seeing all of the progress she's made, and I can't wait to see what this coming season holds for her!

Maya Daney AAU Xcel-

My gymnast of the month is Maya Daney, Maya is very dedicated to Gymnastics and her team. Her attendance is very strong and her work effort is outstanding. I am very proud of Maya over this couple of months she has grown into a beautiful gymnast/ young lady.  When it comes to learning new skills or even perfecting her skills now Maya works hard on them to approve them to have them strong and ready for meets. Whenever there is a football game/ or the mall, Maya Is in the gym ready to attend practice and work hard the whole time. I find that to be true dedication to herself for gymnastics. Great job Maya keep up the hard work! Graduation is just around the corner :)


Hayden Mazur USA Level 7-

Words cannot express how proud we are of this young lady. She has been the most coachable kid this season. She’s pushed herself to be at her best for each competition. She’s pushed her teammates to worked harder everyday. She is not one you can call average because she’s just so savage, lol! She does it with style, grace, and hunger that never dies. She believes in the directions from her coaches which transcends in her phenomenal performance. She set goals to achieve and she trained to succeed. She a performer which come from her soul and it was so fun to watch her achieve her goals. Congratulations on an amazing season Hayden! Your hard work truly paid off! Continue in your greatness and it’s fun to be apart of!