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USA Level 3 and 4 2018 Season Highlights

By Staff, 12/03/18, 1:00PM EST


This has been such a great season for both the 3’s and 4’s. Not only did they do well for their level, but they consistently trained up for the next level and already have many of those skills too. Not to mention they are mostly all the youngest kids in the state as well. 
I’ve seen a lot of maturity and willingness to do the hard stuff for a better outcome from these kids. Sometimes it’s hard for young kids to understand why it’s necessary to do things over and over, or things that seem boring to improve, but these guys have positive personalities that keep them pushing themselves. 
They work hard, so they know there’s also room for some play time too. It’s been so exciting to see all of the level 3’s get their cartwheels and back walkovers already on beam, and the level 4’s to get cast hand stands. Most of them even have kip cast handstands! A level 6 skill! Most of the 3 and 4’s have a pretty good concept of free hips for their level 5 low bar. As well as all of them having a pretty good idea of how to yurchenko entry for vault! 
Compulsory skills are very important, and since they do very well on most of those skills, it has been so fun up grading their skills for future use. It won’t be as scary or hard for them in the future! 
Couple of highlights from the season-
Chloë- highest bar score of the entire level 3 state meet! Also our AA level 3 winner! Hard working kid who always has a smile on her face! 
Elle- She had a bad injury the end of summer and worked very hard to come back. She was so determined to catch up and do well that she earned three 9’s and only one 8 at state! Way to kiddo! 
Sunwoo- My beautiful beam worker. 2nd at state on beam! Also- I had a judge stop me and tell me how beautiful her vaults were. So sweet- judges don’t have to go out of their way to do that! She must have really liked it! 
Dylan- The powerhouse. This kid can climb a 16 foot rope climb in about 18 seconds! Very driven and hard working kid. I got to watch her scores climb almost every meet we went to. 
Jayla- out of 16 meets, she been in the top 3 all around for over 12 of them! She earned 2nd on bars and third AA at state! Such a beautiful mix of strength and flexibility. 
Anya- One of my most consistent kids. She already has a kip cast handstand, and can connect it to her free hip! She’s two years ahead there! She earned 4th on vault at state. 
Lilly- She has come such a long way. Very motivated and hard working. She has beautiful lines and comes in every day and gives it her best. She even earned over a 9 on floor this year and received many 9.3’s on bars. 
Anna- earned over a 9 on vault at state and placed 3rd! Such a big moment for her! She’s been sick a decent amount this season, but comes in and works the best she can when she’s not! Such a sweet kid.